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Sporty design

Advanced auto workout tracking

Comfortable fit

Built in GPS

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Keep your health on track with the Samsung Galaxy watch. It is manufactured using premium materials and sports a classy look. This smartwatch is highly versatile and can be worn to the gym, work, or even to a party. It is driven by a 1.15GHz Dual-Core processor that makes it highly efficient. With an inbuilt GPS, a heart rate monitor, and sleep tracker, this smartwatch will provide you with a better idea of your health. It is easy to operate and offers a hassle-free connection to your mobile device. So, you can check the number of steps you walked the whole day and, also you can see the number of calories you have burnt, even while you are on the go. Furthermore, this fantastic Samsung watch includes a high-capacity 230mAh battery that will keep it powered for days, without the frequent need for charging. Furthermore, the watch incorporates Wireless Power Share technology for hassle-free and convenient charging. With its 5ATM water resistance rating, this watch offers superb protection from water, which makes it the perfect choice for any fitness enthusiast.

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This Samsung Galaxy smartwatch has a gorgeous design that looks great on your wrist. It is comfortable to wear and is light in weight, so you can effortlessly keep track of your everyday fitness activities without experiencing fatigue. Available in a stunning finish, this smartwatch will complement your personality.

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Stay motivated and achieve your daily health goals with the help of this Samsung smartwatch. It features dedicated motion sensors that automatically track seven types of activity, so you can focus on enjoying your fitness. Furthermore, this Samsung smartwatch features a built-in GPS that lets you accurately read the calories you burned and the distance you covered during exercise. With the 5ATM rating, this watch offers excellent protection against water, which makes it perfect for running in the rain or swimming in the pool.

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Manage your stress levels safely and effectively with this Samsung Galaxy active watch. It packs in an integrated heart rate monitor that will send instant alerts the moment it detects an abnormal heart rate. Also, this innovative smartwatch features a guided breathing session for your mind to make you calmer. Moreover, it has an in-built sleep tracker that tracks your four stages of sleep, so you can wake up the next morning with a clear rundown of just how deeply you spent the hours.

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This Samsung smartwatch has a simple UI that offers a highly intuitive user experience. It displays the results in a crisp and clear format on its 1.1inch super AMOLED display. This high-tech smartwatch is powered by a highly efficient 1.15GHz Dual-Core processor that ensures you of smooth performance. It connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth and lets you send customizable replies using emoticons, intuitive keyboard or via speech-to-text functionality while your phone is on charging mode. You can also download motivational apps such as Spotify, Strava, Swim.com, MyFitnessPal, C25K, and more to customize your daily goals and put them to use next time you head out the door.

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Keep track of your daily fitness goals with this Samsung smartwatch. It includes a 230mAh battery that provides over 45 hours of use on one single charge, thereby keeping it charged for days. Furthermore, this smartwatch features innovative Wireless Power Share technology that enables you to charge it by holding it to the back of a compatible mobile device.


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